Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1

I cannot believe it is December already! It's like once Halloween hits everything just fly's by. Only 23 more shopping days! Ha Ha! So who has started their Christmas shopping? Not me! I would say I am a little behind this year, but really, thinking back I don't think I ever shop til after Dec. 1. We did finally figure out what we are going to get the kids so that is good. Now we just need to find a day and a time and someone to watch the kids so we can go shopping. That's the hard part. It really sucks not having a family that is willing to watch your kids, not just because they have to but because they want to. I mean I could go by myself and leave Eddie with the kids but the kids Christmas shopping is something we like to do together. But I so will not get into that again. I'm so sick of how bad our family (parents in general) SUCK!
Onto another subject before I lose my Christmas cheer!
Okay, so the neighbors are outside right now as I write still decorating! I am done with mine, but I didn't say I was done with the neighbors, LOL! There's a house across the street one down that is a lease house. The people there aren't very friendly really. The son and his girlfriend finally started to wave as they pass by. So tonight I walked over there and saw the son sitting on his side porch with his laptop so I walked up and said "excuse me", I think I scared the crap outta him! I introduced myself and he gave me his name and I asked him if they would be decorating. He said if they got some lights they would, so I told him I had some extra lights left and asked if he minded if I put them up. There's this one little Japanese Magnolia tree that is bare right now and reminds me of the tree on It's a Charlie Brown Christmas, he said he didn't mind at all. So I wrapped the tree in white lights and me and the kids are gonna make a star out of foil to put on top! I thought that would be cute. I also told him that another neighbor might wrap his other tree and he said he didn't mind at all. The neighbor across the street has a fun tree to wrap and the other neighbor is gonna do theirs. I think by the end of the weekend the whole street will be decorated! We call it the street that Christmas threw up on, LOL! But have so much fun doing it =)


Bec & Tim said...

Your neighborly helpfulness definately qualifies as one of the items on The Twenty Five Days of Christmas! What a lovely neighbor you would be!

I wish I lived closer. I'd love to see what your street looks like! Now all you need is this fantastic white stuff scattered all over (smile).

Oh, and people wanting to watch your children....your preaching to the choir my friend. I feel your pain. Another day, I'll share. But not today. I'm not going to ruin the Holiday Cheer!