Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3- My Christmas Plan

Well today I did just as I said and cleaned and organized the house. I think I got a good bit accomplished but still have more to do! I still have 3 toy boxes to clean out! One of my ideas for our Christmas plan is to have a good deeds day...ya know where you donate stuff to a homeless shelter, women's shelter, Red Cross, etc. So my kids old toys will definitely find a good home =) And I have a few bags of clothes to donate as well.

So tomorrow I will try to finish cleaning. Then we can move onto the fun stuff.

Here is my plan so far:

Dec. 4- Make Advent calender's. Then color Christmas pictures while I clean. Oh, and go buy Blake Lewis's (2nd runner up on last season's American Idol) new CD!

Dec. 5- Make Christmas trees out of construction paper and decorate them.

Dec. 6- Make Christmas necklaces from painted red and green noodles. And me and Logan and his girlfriend/neighbor Kylee and her Dad are going to the Doodlebops concert that night!

Dec. 7- Good deed day, we'll go donate the toys and clothes somewhere, not sure yet.

Dec. 8- Might go to the downtown Christmas parade, not sure yet.

Dec. 9- Jones Creek Christmas parade! Then after that we will go pick out our Christmas tree, come home and decorate it while listening to Christmas music. My favorite day =)

Dec. 10- Make clothespin reindeer.

Dec. 11- Make toilet paper roll Santa's

Dec. 12- Make Christmas picture ornament out of old Cd's.

Dec. 13- Make Snowflakes

Dec. 14- 19 I need some more ideas! But I'm sure we'll come up with something.

Dec. 19 or 20- not sure yet depends on the weather, but we have our neighborhood Christmas party! We meet up at the neighbors house for some food and drink then all go Christmas caroling around the neighborhood! It's so funny and everyone has a blast!

Dec. 21- That morning I am meeting up with 2 old friend's from high school for Brunch. (Remind me to find sitter for the kids, HA, yeah like that's going to happen!)
Then that afternoon and evening the kids and I will make lots of home made Christmas cookies and icing then have fun icing the cookies and decorating them. And I will make my Grandma's Honey Cakes.

Dec. 22- Eddie and I will try to go out and have a nice dinner together, by ourselves, no kids!

Dec. 23- We will bring plates of our Christmas cookies and treats to our special neighbors and wish them a Merry Christmas =)

Dec. 24- I will have the kids "adopted" grandparents over for Christmas dinner. Then we will exchange gifts with them. After that we will drive around town and look at Christmas lights.

And Dec. 25! Such a busy day for us. We usually get up by 9 a.m. We all walk out to the den together where Eddie is waiting with the video camera. The kids go check out what Santa brought them and check their stockings. Sometimes we eat a quick breakfast in between, but then we open the rest of the presents and the kids play for a while. Then we all get ready to go to my parents house for 1 o'clock. There we eat Christmas lunch and then open presents. The kids play some more and then we do desert. We get home about 4:30 I bake another casserole for an hour and then we're off again at 5:30 to Eddie's parents house! We eat AGAIN! Then open presents and the kids play some more. And then more desert! He's got such a big family that it takes forever for everyone to eat and open presents and then everyone starts drinking and we usually don't get home until about midnight! It's very, very, long, exciting, tiring day.
But it's still my favorite day of the year =)


Bec & Tim said...

Congratulations on a GREAT sounding plan! It really looks like alot of fun. We may have to exchange some ideas :)

We donated all of the toys (and I wish I had taken before/after photos because WOW, what an amazing difference there is) a woman on Freecycle who has just taken in foster children for the holidays!! I know they will get put to good use!

Talk with you soon!