Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 19~ Christmas Caroling!

Tonight was our Caroling with the Neighbors party. We all met at our neighbor Kris' house and brought food and drink, there was about 25 of us. I brought the sweets, I made my special honey cakes and some red and green cupcakes for the kids. After we all ate we went caroling. We started on our street then worked our way down 2 other streets. And I'm happy to say that this year almost everyone opened their doors! Our first year we had so many people not open their door.
Somehow I got the title of "band leader", LOL! Not being conceited here, but I am the best singer(so they say)...I've sang all my life and was in Acapella Choir all through high school so I'm used to performing in front of people. It's like one of us had to lead and if I didn't do it it was a mess so that's why I stepped up and would tell them what song we were singing and what note we'd start on. Well, I couldn't tell them what note because no one knew what I meant so I'd sing the first few words so they knew what I meant, LOL! It was SO fun. And even funnier was Logan really took to the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer song and was singing it really loud while walking between houses. It was so cute.
After we all went back to Kris' house and just talked while the kids played in the street. And we're all so thankful that the rain held off...last year was a total bust thanks to the rain. We still had our party and ran out in the rain and caroled to one house but it just wasn't as fun. It was perfect tonight, clear and 65 degrees.