Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sick baby =(

Why do kids always get sicker at night? I've never understood that. As the night progressed Logan got worse. So I stayed awake (until 3 a.m.!) watching him breathe and Chase too since his asthma has gotten worse. Then I hear what I thought was a baby seal coming from the bed! Nope, just Logan coughing or should I say barking? So I got on the computer and started looking up "runny nose and barking cough". I came up with Croup or Bronchiolitis. But he doesn't have a fever and he's eating and drinking well so we won't rush off to the Doctor just yet. Actually, Logan hasn't been to the doctor since he was 8 months old! His Doctor and I had a very big disagreement on Vaccine's and she told me if I didn't vaccinate him that day to leave and that she nor any of the other Doctor's would ever see him again. So be it, I left and have not gone back! But I also have not yet found a Doctor that shares my views on Antibiotic use and Vaccines and such. Logan will be 3 in February and to this date has never taken any Antibiotics or any other meds besides Tylenol, Motrin or Benedryl which we only use when absolutely necessary.
So today he was better but now that night has fallen he's getting worse again. I just hope I don't get it because I hate being sick, but especially hate being sick at Christmas!!