Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20~ Dinner with the Neighbors

Today was hot and rainy and just yucky! Thank goodness I didn't have much to do. We all watched a movie then after Kaiden left we made a quick trip to Fed-ex to mail off a Christmas present that will not make it in time (sorry A.!) At least your kids will have some gifts to open after Christmas, LOL! Then we came home and relaxed. A little bit later I got up to go to the restroom only to find out we were all of the sudden out of toilet paper! How does that happen? So had to make another trip out in rush hour traffic, ugh!
Tonight Eddie had his company Christmas party...employees only, no spouses invited =( That really sucked and I am a little ticked but what can I do? But that's okay, we had more fun anyway. Tonight we did the kids present exchange with their friends on the street. Our neighbor 2 doors down from us invited us over for dinner and the kids all opened their presents and then we ate some chicken spaghetti and dessert. After the kids all played outside then Bren had his friend sleep over. It was a fun night =)