Monday, December 24, 2007

December 24

Wow! Today was a busy day! Eddie had to work so the kids and I slept in til about 10. I got up and slowly got going but the minutes were just flying by. So I got ready, got the kids ready and started baking sugar cookies. After I finished we made a quick trip to Walmart for 2 things and to drop off some Christmas cards to our favorite workers there. Then some McD's for lunch and when we got home a little after 1 Eddie was already home. I took a break to eat but then had to ice the cookies, clean, and start cooking for our dinner with the "Adopted" Grandparents. It doesn't really seem like much, but my goodness I was busy up until the second they got there. The Grandparents came over for 6 and I had some yummy starters waiting...cheese, pretzels, tostitos, wheat thins and an awesome spinach and artichoke dip that I had a friend make for us. For dinner I made Spaghetti with meat sauce, meatballs on the side, salad and garlic bread. And for dessert we had cherry pie, honey cakes and sugar cookies. After we ate it was time to open presents with them. The kids were so excited! Brenden and Chase got remote control helicopters, Logan got a Leapster L-Max with a Thomas the Train game and then she had given them a HUGE stocking that she had decorated herself with the kids names. It had lots of cute little toys like cars and bath stuff and these really cute little drumming Santa's and bears that are really loud! She gave Eddie and I some Snoopy Christmas decorations that light up and hang on the window, which was really cool because I had almost bought one of them a few weeks ago! She also gave me a new ornament for my tree that was a ball with an angel that reads "I believe in Angels and you're the reason why". She calls me her angel, it was so sweet =) And she also gave me a glass angel to add to my collection, so now I have 11. I will have to take a picture so y'all can see. We gave them the present from the kids, we got them an ornament with 3 little bears in a stocking that read "Grandma and Grandpa's Sweetie's and on each bear was a kids name. Eddie and I gave them a $50 gift certificate to Corky's BBQ.
Speaking of taking pictures though, Eddie let me open my present tonight so that I would be able to use it Christmas morning! He got me an Olympus Stylus 730 digital camera! It's Awesome, I love it! And the kids got me a memory card and a carrying case so I got to open that too! I took some pictures and they are so much better quality, it's got a huge display screen and it's so easy to use, I'm so happy! I will post some new pics on Wednesday b/c I am so busy until then!
Right now I am trying to make sure the kids are really asleep so I can do what I need to do, if ya know what I mean ;) I am SO tired too but can't go to bed yet, UGH! Then I'm sure we'll be up early tomorrow, doing presents, eating breakfast, getting ready, getting kids ready, gotta bake 2 casseroles! And be at my parents house for 1:30, eat there, open presents, play then head home, unload car, bake 2 more casseroles, rest (yeah, right) then be at Eddie's parents for 5:30! Eat AGAIN! open presents and then we usually don't get home until midnight! Oh my, I'm getting dizzy!
So much to do but yet so worth it and the kids have a blast. So wish me strength and luck!
I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night =)

PS...Chase is still stirring, he needs to go to bed! And a funny about Logan...he took his Leapster to bed with him! And when we told him to put it away he tucked it under his legs, so sweet =)