Friday, December 14, 2007

December 14

I got a little Christmas shopping done today! Not much, but a start. I got a gift for my brother and the softest stuffed horse for Logan (he loves horses). Then I made up my mind on what to get Eddie finally. He has wanted some Nike Shox for quite a while now but has never found a pair that he likes. I found a pair on that I know he would like and were a decent price. But then when we were getting our Christmas Tree at our local hardware store he saw an iPod Dock thingy and said that he had been wanting one and that it was a really good price. So that's what I got him. It's wrapped and under the tree! Tonight we were going to try to go shopping together but of course there's no one to watch the kids so he went by himself. We are looking for a certain bike for Logan and can't seem to find it. So if we don't find it by tomorrow evening I will order it online and hope and pray that it comes in time for Christmas!
He also made a trip to Comp USA, they are closing for good so he was looking for some good prices on X-box games. Didn't find those but he did find one of the gifts we're getting for the kids for 10% off. Not much, but better than nothing I guess! So we are getting closer to being done. Tomorrow we are going to the new huge Cabella's in Gonzales. They say it takes a few hours to make through the store and that they have a restaurant with some good food and they make the most awesome fudge. So we're gonna eat, get some fudge, enjoy the views and shop. I'm hoping to find a Christmas present for my Dad in there.
We've been watching a Christmas movie each night and I'd like to recommend Elf with Will Ferrell. He's so funny and really makes the movie. The kids LOVE it so we've been watching it a lot. That and Rudolph, Logan's favorite.
Goodnight =)