Thursday, December 6, 2007


Logan and I went to see the Doodlebops tonight! I was so happy to see that it was the real Doodlebops that we watch everyday and not tour stand in's. Logan liked it but is to shy to dance and get all crazy. It's like he starts to and then turns to make sure no one's watching, silly boy!
Anyway, we had a great time.
But goodness gracious, someone should have warned me how expensive those shirts and toys would be! Wow, is all I have to say, they are making a killing. I knew I was going to get him a T-shirt because I like to do that for every concert we go to, but then of course they put those fun, flashy toys right there in the kids face to see! The T-shirt was $25. Dang, they were only $20 at the Blue Man Concert and that was adult size! And then he had to have one of those whirly, twirly, light up, thingamajigers...$20 bucks, WHAT? But I guess it was worth it, the shirt is so cute and he played with the twirly thing the entire time which is why right now it's sitting up cooling off! It got so hot where the batteries are and stopped working.
Here are some pics from tonight:

A goofy smile!