Friday, December 7, 2007

December 7

Today was our errand day and I totally forgot to bring our bags of stuff to donate for our good deeds day! Hopefully I can get that dropped off in the next few days.
Tonight was a small Friday night street party here. My kids and I and few of the neighbors were outside talking when another one of our neighbors drove in with her boyfriend and some friends. They had tried to go to her boyfriends homeowners assn. Christmas party with his other neighbors and the friends had their 2 kids with them. So when they walked into the party the old stiffs told them that kids were not allowed so they got mad/upset and left. So Kris brought them back over to our street in hopes that we were out there and of course we were. She had picked up some gingerbread cookies and made hot chocolate for the kids (even though it was 70 degrees outside, LOL!) So their friends kids and our kids all ate, drank, played and had fun listening to the music and watching all the Christmas lights and all of the adults just stood around talking. We have the best street!