Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 15~ Shopping!

Wow, what a busy day it turned out to be! We went to Cabela's and it is HUGE! And jam packed full of people. One complaint, the store was so cluttered with merchandise, and man do they need to stop putting shit in the walkway, it was so NOT shopping cart or stroller friendly. But besides that it was pretty cool. They had a walk through aquarium, a laser gun shooting range, and museum type settings with lots of dead, stuffed animals! The kids liked it. AND while we were there we picked up their Christmas presents! If I had any clue that we were going to do that I wouldn't have brought them! But we were still undecided on what their big present from us was going to be. Well, we somehow ended up by the BB guns. And after looking at them and the kids really interested and me thinking of "A Christmas Story" how Ralphie wanted one SO bad we decided to get Bren & Chase Red Rider BB guns! Just like the one Ralphie got! So while Eddie was looking for some help to get them I took the kids upstairs to the Fudge shop so they wouldn't see. My Mom said they have the best fudge so we had to try it... it was okay. Of course my favorite fudge would be at this really cool store at the top of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It's awesome! So anyway, Eddie got the guns...ended up getting Brenden a different one that was better for his age and Chase got the Red Rider. But then he took them out to the truck and had to figure out how to hide them, HA! One fit under the back seat and the other didn't so I sat in the back and Chase didn't even notice. After that, Eddie came up to find us and we were going to eat at the restaurant there but it was just to packed. So as we started to leave we saw a gun for Logan that looked just like the boys except it wasn't real of course, just made realistic sounds. He's going to be so happy that he has a gun like his brothers! And I know that anyone who reads this is probably thinking we're crazy for getting our kids guns...don't worry, that's normal here in Louisiana! And, it's just a BB gun! They will only be allowed to use them with adult supervision!
Okay, so we headed back to the city and found a place to eat. But then we still had to find the bike we're getting Logan! Eddie went to a few places last night and no luck. So we were going to try 2 more places and if we didn't find it we'd order online and pray it came in time! So, we go to the first place, me & the kids wait in the truck and what do ya know? They have 1 left! We know we need it right now b/c it might not be there later... BUT we have the kids with us! How in the heck were we going to hide a whole bike? AH! Eddie pulled it off, I just made sure that the kids were watching the movie, turned the volume up and Eddie snuck up from the back and gently laid it in the back of the truck! We went straight home and made the kids get out in front the house while I went and parked in the back of the driveway and transferred all the stuff from the truck to my car trunk! So as far as I know, we pulled it off.
Tonight I actually left the kids home with Eddie and went shopping by myself. Okay, I went to Walmart...but good enough! I knew they would have almost everything I needed plus I needed to get some groceries. I did end up finding everything I needed except for one Doodlebops DVD. I walked around and enjoyed myself, stopped to look at things without a million kids nagging me. It was okay! Then I went to Game Stop for 2 gift cards and to the Dollar Tree where nothing is over $1! I needed gift bags and why pay $3+ each when I can get them for $1 each?

Now I am pooped and am going to get some sleep b/c tomorrow I am going to bake all day. But one more thing...remember me complaining about the weather being so HOT! And it didn't feel like Christmas at all? Well, we finally got some cold weather! Our high today was 78, it rained a little and then got very windy and right now it's 42...and our low is supposed to be 35. That would be a 43 degree drop in less then 12 hours! It's only supposed to be 52 tomorrow, which is pretty cold to me so it's a good thing I'll be staying in baking all day =)