Friday, December 21, 2007

December 21~ Lunch With Old Friends!

Well, today started out a little flat, and I mean that literally! I was meeting 2 of my good friends from high school at 12:30 and I had 1 errand to run before so the kids and I left early. I had to go to the Ford dealership (the one my hubby worked at for 15 yrs.) to pick up a hand made book mark that his best friend's wife made for me. So we turn in to the dealership and I hear this bad noise. I knew the left back tire was bad so I moved my side mirror down to look and it's flat on the ground! So I pull in slowly into a parking spot and take a look and the tire is shot. No hope of just filling it with air this time! And I just knew Eddie was going to kill me...not like I did it, BUT I was the one driving when it happened! So I go in and find Thomas, he's the parts manager there and Eddie's best friend. I felt so bad b/c they were having their work Christmas lunch! He went and got one of the tech's who is also a good friend of ours and he and David changed my tire =) I kept apologizing, but they told me to shut up! They said they both have wives too and know that Eddie would do the same for them. Which actually, Eddie has, he went and changed Thomas' wifes flat tire a few years ago. So good thing for good friends!
I was a little late for lunch but not too bad. We went to Chick-fil-A and my friends had already gotten tables, 1 for us and 1 for the kids. We got our food, got the kids settled and then started yapping about old times. It was great! When the kids were done eating they all went to play in the indoor play thing and we got to talk for almost 2 more hours! It turned out that my kids and my one friend's kids got along so good, they had a blast playing together. By the time we left they were all asking when they could get together again. So we will try to do that. The one friend with kids only lives about 10 minutes away so that would be doable. The other friend was my best friend in high school but she lives in Ft. Worth, TX so I don't get to see her often. But she's moving back this Summer so that's exciting, we'll be able to spend more time together. It was just SO wonderful to get to spend time with my old friends =)