Tuesday, December 4, 2007

December 4

Today we made our Advent calenders. They came out really cute! I was supposed to finish cleaning but after digging through my crafts box I realized I was low on a lot of stuff that we will need for our upcoming crafts so we took a trip to Walmart. We got jingle bells, google eyes, pom pom balls, ribbon, sequins and tacky glue. The only thing they didn't have (or maybe I just couldn't find) was the ink stamp pads for our Christmas stamps. There is a stamping store up the road so I'll just pick it up there Friday. So now we are ready for our fun Christmas projects!

After Walmart I took the kids to the lake and we fed the ducks. They love doing that. It was so funny because there were like 50 ducks, geese, and birds and then all the sudden in the middle of all these birds we spot a Nutria. Now I'm sure a lot of you are asking "what in the heck is a Nutria"? LOL! It's hard to explain because it's in a class all it's own, but the closest thing I would compare it to is a huge rat or a beaver. These are native to Louisiana and are actually considered a nuissance because they ruin the land. Sadly, when I was younger my Dad used to take me to the marshy area in Plaquenine's Parish, LA and make me shoot them for target practice! Here is a link that explains it better and has a picture: http://www.nutria.com/site.php
They are actually a lot bigger than it looks in the picture and if you saw it you would seriously think it was a beaver. The one we saw today was kinda cute except for his big yellow buck teeth! And now I understand why my Dad made me shoot them...they really do ruin the land. They have burrowed all under the grass and dirt at the lake to where it's dangerous to even walk out there in fear of falling in a hole or just through the ground itself where they have weakened it. So today we just stayed up on the concrete and threw the bread down.
Okay, off to go plan out tomorrow's activities!
Night =)